About us

You’re a boss when it comes to running a company. But that doesn’t mean there’s not some handwringing along the way. How do you grow your business while ensuring your proprietary information stays safe and your IT keeps pace?


At lyonl, we don’t see the size of your business. We see YOU. Founded in 2019, lyonl provides comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your business. We work with clients in media, banking, financial services, healthcare, security consulting and advertising/marketing technologies, among many other industries. From our inception, we intentionally set out to work with startups, small businesses and medium-size enterprises. You deserve the same love and attention, 24/7, as the big guys get.
Our team
Chad Vogel
Chad VogelFounder / CEO
Eugene Mukhanov
Eugene MukhanovCo-Founder / Chief Technology Officer
Alla Lorent
Alla LorentBoard member / Vice president of product
Tetiana Ivanova
Tetiana IvanovaAdvisor
We know that building connection between humans and technology is not simple, but we're building the team to make it possible. Want to help us?
With lyonl, you won’t get solutions that are simply cobbled together either. Our software and security is nimble yet strong, adaptable yet uncompromising, customized whenever needed to address your exact situation.
From identity and access management to device management and cloud-based software solutions, we simplify security, and protect your people and business. Because we’re not just in the business of cybersecurity. We’re obsessed with it.
Take the first step to maximize cyber security for your business