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Personal documents to proprietary business files, your files and data are like gold. Store them in lyonl’s vault of protection. Our automated solution stores, backs up, and safeguards everything on a server and is accessible 24/7, so you can retrieve your data when it’s needed most.

What does Cloud Backup Mean for your Business?

Cloud Backup is an effortless and efficient way to protect your files.
Saves copies of your data in a remote server to secure them from natural disasters, system outages, and accidental or malicious deletion.
With Cloud Backup, your data stays safe from cybercriminals. In the event of a cyberattack, cloud backup crashes your hard drive to prevent any breach.
Easy access
No need to carry a hard drive. Cloud backup enables you to access data wherever you are located.
Unlimited backup
Store and save unlimited files with a trusted provider offline.
Consolidated protection
One space for all your data storage. Monitored by lyonl for 100% protection.

Your laptop is lost.Is your data secure?

Your data is at risk

An accident, theft, or cyberattack

- your data is never safe without reliable storage and backup. You can always recover from physical damage and loss. 

But is your business ready to recover critical data?

You cannot afford to wait

Ransomware can block or limit your access to important files

The average downtime after a ransomware attack is 21 days. As a business, you cannot afford that. Having a backup means you never lose access to your data.

A ransomware attack occurs every 11 seconds

Your data is valuable. Any disaster or disruption can cost your business
Hard drive fail
Like any machine or hardware, your hard drive can fail at any time.
Human error
One wrong click can cause you to lose critical data.
Natural disaster
Fire, flood, tornadoes—disasters can damage devices and cause data loss.
Data theft is a huge problem for SMEs. Thieves often steal data for money and use the stolen information with fraud, account takeover and other malicious tools.
7 out of 10 small businesses pay ransom to get their data back.
Cybercriminals use RATs (remote access trojans) to corrupt files and gain access to data.

What is ransomware?

Your data is safe with lyonl.

One package of comprehensive solutions means no more cobbling together products from different providers.
Using the highest level of encryption, your files, like personal information and financial documents, stay safe.
We’re always watching for the latest threats. That way, we can quickly change and deploy the best solutions to thwart malicious attacks.
Effortless setup
Getting started is easy. Plus, our friendly team helps with the process.
Efficient solution
One package protects against human errors, natural disasters, device loss, malware or ransomware.
Cost-effective safety
With a package that fits your needs and budget. We tailor solutions to the particular needs of SMEs.

lyonl Cloud Backup

From photos to videos and personal documents to financial files—the data on your personal and business devices is critical. However, neither your device nor your data is safe. With lyonl, you can ensure that your data is always secure. lyonl allows you to automatically store and back up your files on a third-party server. You can access these files anywhere, anytime when needed.

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