Powerful, Cloud-based DeviceManagement For YourBusiness

lyonl offers enhanced security for all devices so you can protect yourendpoints and end-users

Redefine your MDM solutions with lyonl

Better Visibility
Maximize your visibility and stay updated about the team's activity even when they are working remotely. Manage your entire team by monitoring actions on each device.
Zero Deployment
Easy and efficient set-up with zero deployments. No need to call an IT expert. Your employees can connect and configure their devices from anywhere.
Data Protection
Cloud-based management allows you to protect your data even in the case of device loss or theft. Locate stolen devices everywhere in the world

Every 53 seconds, a laptop gets stolen.Every year, 70million smartphones are lost.

Mobile Device Management ensures your data stays secure

Device & Data Protection
Make sure your employees use your company-issued devices and sensitive business data responsibly and safely
Ideal for SMEs
Even when you don’t have an IT team, lyonl lets you set up and configure all devices remotely.
Device Control
Control the way users use devices and ensure that updates get installed timely. Enjoy complete control on your team's devices.
Enhanced Cybersecurity
Protect your people and processes by preventing malicious bugs, sudden cyberattacks, and ransomware attempts
Cost-Efficient Solution
Trustworthy, enterprise-level mobile device management at affordable rates.
Device Tracking
Locate any stolen or lost smartphones and laptops with real-time device tracking.

Elevating experiences for your end-users

With lyonl’s Mobile Device Management, you can give your business a boost of visibility and protection.
Secure your systems, devices, and data with robust solutions ideal for in-office and remote teams.
Advanced MDM solutions with easy integration for quick and safe set-up for all devices.
A solution that works even without a full-time IT personnel or an IT department.

Reimagine your cybersecurity with lyonl

Cyberattacks happen when people don’t use their devices safely. Today, everyone uses mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops for office work. It is impossible to manage and control every device connected to your network.
lyonl makes it possible to protect your devices with cloud-based MGM solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Take the first step to maximize cyber security for your business