Protecting Your Business 

From DNS Attacks 

Multi-layered Cloud Security for A Secure, Speedy & Steadfast Experience

Get Better Breach Protection with lyonl

Manage your cloud apps everywhere- without worrying about high cost and complexity
Powerful mitigation even for the most sophisticated threats against your DNS traffic.
Integrated solutions to protect your IT infrastructure, teams, and users on and off the network

Maximize Your Internet-Wide Visibility with Complete Cloud Protection

Comprehensive Cloud Security for Small Businesses

DNS-layer security
Detect compromised systems and secure your ports even before a breach: experience better security and more visibility with a reliable layer of protection by lyonl.
Secure Web Getaways
Timely inspect and control network traffic to block malicious domains and cloud applications. A cloud-based proxy provides complete protection without interrupting functionality and performance.
Don’t let unauthorized users access your cloud resources. With lyonl’s firewall, guard and guide web traffic across all environments by blocking unwanted IP and ports and enforcing network traffic policies.
Cloud Access Security Broker
Protect every cloud application across your organization. With lyonl, you can find hidden threats and control usage to prevent IT risks.
Secure SD-WAN
Monitor VPN transports across the network with advanced SD-WAN integration. It is a cost-effective solution to protect your users and devices so you can boost your performance and accelerate your business.
Interactive Threat Intelligence
Predictive threat intelligence allows us to detect the threat even before an attack. We locate patterns for the most common malware, domains, and networks to protect your teams and devices from a future DNS-based attack.

A Top-Choice for All Businesses

Future-proof your business with an all-inclusive DNS security plan. Our packages are designed for both small companies and multinational organizations, so we can protect you from threats that can cost you data and money.

The lyonl Difference

Our teams and systems successfully detect threats and block unauthorized activity even before the attack.
We offer seamless and straightforward solutions backed by SLA. Easy API integration makes the process cost-effective and speedy.
As threats evolve, so do we. We update our services to provide comprehensive DNS security that meets your needs.

lyonl extends your companies security out of the office

We deploy third-party tools and solutions to offer better visibility and deeper analyses. We make the process effortless and efficient with automated playbooks that take the guesswork out and simplify traditional risk management methods. The cloud has revolutionized the way organizations work. Is your business ready to analyze the threats, mitigate risks and accelerate your growth?
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