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Connect safely across the globe

Gateways keep your data safe and allow you to manage remote teams, mitigate risks and avoid cyberattacks.

Gateway for your business

Your business’s privacy and protection matter. With lyonl’s business gateway, you can secure your company network and internet connections. This will help you protect critical information and valuable data so you and your team can work with peace of mind.

How do gateways help me do business globally–and safely?

End-to-end encryption
Ensure that only authorized parties understand the information passing through–and can access your business’s internal network or public internet.
Secure connections for remote workers
Route employee traffic through “tunnels” to protect their privacy and data.
Protection from online threats
Gain safe access to foreign networks to transfer sensitive information or files without worrying about a breach. Gateways also prevent getting tracked by advertisers, other businesses and cybercriminals.

Why should I use a lyonl gateway?

Vigilant monitoring Prevent unwanted downloads with antivirus scanning and by blocking users from downloading suspicious types of files. Your business, our #1 priority With every decision and direction we take, your business’s security and privacy remain top of mind. That’s why we refuse to share your information with third parties.
Create a network that you can control. Gateway allows you to stay safe from cybercrimes.
Better functionality
Work from anywhere with gateways for all devices, including phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.
No hardware
Our cloud-based platforms create manageable opportunities for business growth. (No outdated hardware to deal with!) Also, because we integrate all our solutions on the front end, you’ll find better connectivity across point products, including secure web gateway, DNS security, remote browser isolation and data loss prevention.

A Gateway Provider that You Can Trust

We value your trust in lyonl, that’s why we ensure that you get the best digital protection for your business with gateway. At lyonl, we respect your business’s privacy. Our goal is to help you create a secure environment for your employees and customers. Here are a few things to look for when finding a gateway provider that you can trust:

Reliable Logging Policy: Your logging information is sensitive and confidential. If your gateway provider saves your logging information and activity history, it can cause you more harm in the future.

Transparent Privacy Policy: The last thing you want is a surprise privacy policy stating your provider collects and shares your data with a third party. Most free and paid gateway providers share your business’s data with advertisers. To avoid this, you should read the provider’s privacy policy carefully.

Efficient Customer Service: Whether it is gateway or any other cybersecurity service, choose a provider with approachable and supportive customer service. A provider with efficient customer support can ensure you overcome any issues without server downtime.

Take the first step to maximize cyber security for your business