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Our Professional Services
Seamless Implementation/integration services
Does your project have complex requirements? -Best Practices -Architecture -Organization configuration review -Scenario guidance lyonl provides a common framework to manage and monitor compliance for a range of IT regulations and standards.
Security Management Services
Are you new to secure your business? 24x7 real-time advanced security monitoring in combination with security expertise protects devices and data. lyonl provides continuous security monitoring and operational administration to safeguard investments and meet compliance regulations to eliminate false positives and detect threats.
Emergency Response Services
Does your project have an aggressive environment? lyonl provides emergency incident response for your organization's immediate assistance in responding to a possible cyber event or data breach.
Help Desk Services
Do you want an expert, security-focused opinion? lyonl offers comprehensive help desk services to your business with a full-service technical support center. No matter what type of help desk services your business needs, we can provide you with a complete and customized solution based on your unique needs. IT support gives your business a competitive advantage.
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