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Cyber Security has different levels and identity needs with varying approaches to them. Network Security, Recovery Plan, Cloud Security, IoT Security, Application Security, and software development to data loss prevention can protect you online.Operating principles, best practices of implementation, and maintenance will decide the quality of your cyber security as well. Everyone needs to get their digital life with the same level of caution as when you make sure you've switched off your iron when you leave the house and look upwards while walking beside the building site.
The general problem revolves around People, Process, and Technology and the integration between these three elements. People are the data owners; thus, it is crucially important to have the proper skills in place. However, we can not achieve the objective without using the right technology to keep the security process on track.Then some processes tell us how to handle an incident if something terrible happens, what steps we need during any disaster, how to manage access, authorization, and remove access. The main issue of the industry is the lack of using these elements altogether. At lyonl, we understand that traditional security tools need manual intervention, and they are smart enough to tell that something suspicious is happening; therefore, we provide them with intelligence to detect threats.

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is more than just the login box
At LYONL, our mission is to provide end-to-end Fintech software development using the latest technology available. Our user-friendly and secure financial apps support small and large financial institutions alike in providing their customers with exceptional service. Whether we’re using AI, Blockchain, or IoT each tool is designed to fully support your business.
Our experienced team has built more than 20 Fintech software applications for businesses within the financial industry. With experience in multiple sectors such as peer-to-peer lending systems, smart finance management, and the payment gateway, we know precisely how to build reliable solutions.

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lyonl is a team of dedicated experienced cyber security and IT professionals who have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and startups. lyonl has successfully assisted businesses across multiple categories with integrated cyber security solutions and planning. Contact lyonl to protect your business, employees and customers.
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